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Top 5 Board Games for Students

1. "Dixit"
People gathering to play "Dixit" will be amazed by the unprecedented beauty of playing cards. They were painted by French surrealist artist Marie Cardosi. Stop googling "Need help in writing my paper for me" and learn how to become an active player of "Dixit." The player puts one of the cards on the table with a picture down and accompanies it with some association. It can be a word, expression, song, gesture, or even a melody. The rest of the participants pick up the cards from the hand, which would fit the description as much as possible. Then the cards are stirred and opened. The task of the active player, at first glance, is quite simple. It is necessary to make a card so that at least one participant guessed it, and at least one participant chose another card during the voting. Too obvious association, along with a very complex, will bring victory points to all but the active player. It seems that there is nothing unusual in the game, but it is enough to play at least once, and it won't be very easy to stop.

2. "Betrayal Legacy"
It is one of the popular board games among students. The developers invest a lot of intellectual resources into the development of such games as "Betrayal Legacy," so the rules of the game are complicated. This flaw pays off with a high-quality story and complete realism with an immersive effect. We can't guarantee that the game will give you fun. But you'll want to get back from the university as soon as possible to start playing it with your family or friends. What's the game about? It is not easy to determine, because in front of you will unfold a large event in the setting thriller where you want to live like in your favorite series.

3. "Imagine"
It's just a mind-blowing game for anyone who likes to have fun or fantasize. The skill of playing this game will not help with statistic homework but will help you distract from everyday routine. You need to explain the words in a very unusual way. The fact is that you will have at your disposal transparent cards with different patterns, signs, or even schematic images. It is of them and to put together a picture that can push other players to the right idea. Thanks to the transparency of the cards, the various parts of the images can be combined. Also, the rules encourage dynamics. Cards can be moved by showing certain actions. Some elements can be closed with your finger while creating new images. The possibilities that open up to people with good imagination are endless.

4. "Cortex"
“Cortex” is suitable for both a big company and two players. The main advantage of this board game over competitors is an incredibly large number of possible game situations. The rules are quite simple, but having understood them, you will discover one of the most exciting and fun board games. You can say that this is an intelligence training simulator that is suitable for both children and adults. Try to reproduce the entire multiplication table. If you get caught up - you need the game.

5. "Dobble"
It’s a very dynamic game that develops a good mood! Maybe (but not fact), it develops something more - like the speed of reaction, visual memory, and direct communication skills. If you notice improvements in any of these components after the game - the theorem is proven! The goal of the game is to find on the top pack of cards any element that you have on your hands. The rules are very simple, and you can remember them at one minute. Use speedypaper discount to order a paper and get some spare time to enjoy this board game!